How Dukan Digitizes Your Distribution Business

Distribution Management

Track your fleet and field teams with real-time reporting of orders, stock position and financial accounting. Create routes for your order bookers and delivery men.

Retailer Credit

Dukan's finanical partners give your retailers credit to buy stock directly from you. Increase orders by 30% by letting your retailers buy from you through Dukan credit.

Order Booking

Give the Dukan app to your order bookers to visit their routes and digitally place real-time orders. Your retailers can order directly from you through your branded ordering app or Whatsapp Chat Bot.

Delivery & Cash Management

Digitize stock delivery to retailers, cash collections, returns, and expired items. Collect payments through the built-in Dukan wallet.

Stock Management

Dukan automates inventory management and lets your store keeper create parcels even before your order bookers return from the field. Returns and expired products are now easy to handle.

Advanced Reporting

Access dozens of pre-built expert reports to give you deep insights in to your business to easily double your operational efficiency.