10 small business ideas in Pakistan 2023

Like many other countries, Pakistan is undergoing a financial crisis prompted by the global recession of 2023. Companies of all sizes have suffered significant losses. Employment opportunities in Pakistan have decreased these days significantly. As a result, the youth in Pakistan has been inclined towards entrepreneurship. There are excellent opportunities for those who want to do something on their own. In this article, you will learn about 10 low-cost small business ideas in Pakistan which may prove beneficial for you in the long run. Here is the list:

1. Photography

The trend of photography is increasing day by day at weddings and on other occasions. People need photographers to capture their precious moments on occasions like childbirth, baby showers, bridal showers, family get-togethers, birthdays, etc. Photography is not confined to covering events only, it is also required in product shoots, modeling, advertising campaigns, etc. You can become a photographer with a one-time investment. All you need is a fairly professional camera worth 1 lac rupees only. It will turn out to be profitable soon after you build your portfolio and start taking on projects.

2. Home-Based food

After the pandemic of COVID in Pakistan, awareness to eat healthily has increased among people significantly. They have started preferring homemade food. Starting a business of cooking or baking from your home and selling online to customers will be highly profitable. You don’t need much investment for this. You only require the ingredients, utensils, a good oven, and a stove. You can sell homemade food for a good price as people are ready to buy healthy food at any cost.

3. Makeup Artist

Women nowadays are fans of makeup more than ever. Becoming a makeup artist will pay off for sure. You need to invest in buying good makeup from reputable brands only. You do not need to rent a workspace for a start-up as a room with good lighting in your home will be enough for it. You can promote your makeup artistry through Facebook or Instagram very quickly.

4. Home Tutoring

The traditional mode of education of home tutoring is still ubiquitous in Pakistan. It has even increased after the pandemic because schools and colleges are closed. Parents don’t want their children to waste their time and therefore send their children to home tutors. This is a zero-investment business. If you have a good knowledge of subjects and good skills to teach, you can give classes to children. It is also possible that you teach students through online applications like skype and zoom.

5. Property Dealing

Every other person in Pakistan needs good investment opportunities in property. Property dealing is an art, and not everyone has it. You need to have good links and excellent communication skills to attract your potential clients to deals. All you need to do is create links between the buyer and seller and take a fair amount as commission for yourself. You can grow your property dealing business with your skills. It is a zero investment opportunity as well unless you want a separate office for it.

6. Chai cafe

Owning a restaurant may require high investment; instead, you can choose to start a chai cafe business. A chai cafe will require a menu with outclass tea offered with a few options of snacks. We can say that it is a long-term business if you maintain its quality and services. It does not have to be lavish. Instead of opening a dine-in or dine-out restaurant, you can start by selling online, only for now. It will prevent your business from collapsing due to uncertain lockdowns of COVID19. As soon as the situations get stable, you can open it for dine-in or -out purposes as well. We know that the need for tea and chit-chat by Pakistanis is never-ending. Whether you have a business meeting or a friend’s get-together, chai cafe is the perfect place.

7. Art and Craft

The love for arts and crafts is a different kind of love. The hype for props, customized items, backdrops in events like birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, etc., has gained popularity with time. The event planners are constantly in need of people who can customize these for their events. You can make creative stuff and start selling online. It is the right time to use your creative skills and make money with them.

8. Self-care products

After beauty products, women’s interest in and love for self-care products have also grown. Everyone has a different way of managing fatigue. Some women like to use self-care products to combat their stress levels. If you’re thinking of starting a business on a small scale, you can bring your ‘naani’s totkas’ in use. You can make hair oils and skin-care products using natural ingredients at home. There are so many young women out there looking for natural products for hair and skin care. Create your business’s existence on social media and sell your products online. Trust me, selling online is going to do wonders for you.

9. Trading

During the pandemic, we know that investing great amounts of money in anything can be risky. People are usually afraid of starting businesses, especially those who have limited resources. In such circumstances, you can buy products from wholesale dealers in bulk and sell them to consumers. Selling online instead of renting a shop can help save a lot of money. The products can be anything from stationery items to kitchen tools to decoration items. Actually, you can buy and sell anything that can give you profit.

10. Stitched clothing

Women’s affection for clothes is not hidden. All women are in constant search of clothes, whether or not they need them. If you are creative and you have a love for clothes, you can surely put in your efforts to design ready-to-wear clothes for women in Pakistan. If you succeed in designing beautiful and affordable dresses, then you can attract a huge number of buyers by selling online for sure.

These are some low-cost small business ideas in Pakistan that you can work on. It would be best to research well before opting for any business, especially when you have limited resources. Look at the pros and cons of your desired business.