Our Services

Dukan digitizes end to end distribution flows include retail ordering, fleet management, inventory tracking, accounting and reporting.

Asset Monitoring

  • Control over assets.
  • Identifying sales growth in outlets with assets.
  • End to End asset management.
  • ROI assessment for assets and their impact.

Order booker, Deliveryman Apps

  • Monitoring efficiency and advancement, offering real-time tracking.
  • By Google Geographic Information Systems (GIS), determine the most efficient route.
  • Track the route taken by their delivery staff.

Fully Cloud-Powered

  • Entirely on the cloud.
  • Data security and resilience.
  • Seamless service delivery to the end user.

Collection & Financial Handling

  • Advanced collection and banking management solution.
  • Financial reports in time.

Digital payment integration

  • Ensures instant and secure transfer.
  • Merchant to distribution payments.
  • Built in Digital wallets.
  • Top ups from all mobile operators and bill payments.
  • Earn profit through our suite of virtual products for your customers.

Optimized Route Mapping

  • OB routes are strategically mapped.
  • Automated scheduling takes place through DMS.
  • Coverage of all designated stores.
  • Organize OB day.
  • Automated Scheduling through DMS (Delivery Management System).

Logistics & Inventory Management

  • Monitor purchase orders.
  • Inter-Warehouse stock transfers.
  • Tracking physical and software inventory.
  • Centralized authority over distributor inventory.
  • Stock availability for products sold at outlet level.

Sales Crew Management

  • Efficiency of Salesforce operations.
  • Utilizing real-time data analytics.
  • Enhancing visibility.
  • Gaining valuable retail insights.
  • Sharper focus on area sales.
  • Implement a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system that captures real-time data on sales activities.
‘‘Unleash Efficiency with Dukan Distribution Management System’’

Distribution Management

Track your sales, stock positions, cash flows, financials, orders, fleet and field teams with online real-time dashboards from any where just on a single click. Create routes for your order bookers and delivery men within no time.

Retailer Super App

Retailers can make direct orders through a branded retailer app. The app facilitates top-up services for all mobile operators and offers bill payments.

Order Booking App

The Order Booker app streamlines the tasks of order bookers by allowing them to visit their assigned routes and place real-time orders digitally, integrated with an automated scheduling system through DMS to ensure coverage of all designated stores.

Deliverymen App

Digitize stock delivery to retailers, cash collections, returns, and expired items. Collect payments through the built-in Dukan wallet.

Stock Management

DMS automates inventory management and lets your KPO create parcels even before your order bookers return from the field. Returns, transfers, damages and expired products are now easy to handle.

Advanced Reporting

Access dozens of pre-built expert reports to give you deep insights in to your business to easily double your operational efficiency.