How Dukan Digitizes Your Retail Business

Online Stock Ordering

Connect with your distributors and wholesalers through our whitelabeled app or Whatsapp Chat Bot. Digitize your ordering and payments.

Stock Financing

Easy access to credit for purchase of stock from your distributor with flexible payment plans from our financial partners

Khata Management

All your payables and receivables recorded in the app with automated notifications. Stay on top of your accounts has never been so easy.

Point of Sale (POS)

Online invoice generation, sales report and monthly profit and loss statement with complete customer records.

Resell Topups and Bill Payments

Sell topups from all mobile operators and bill payments from over 1,000 billers. Earn a profit through our suite of virtual products for your customers.

Invest Savings

Earn halaal profits on your cash collections for short durations. Let your money work for you until you need it.