Why should you choose Dukan.pk as an ecommerce platform for your business?

The first things you may think of when starting a business are who to sell, how to sell, and where to sell your products. An ecommerce platform can answer all these questions for you. However, choosing the right ecommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you have to take in order to let your business grow.

An ecommerce platform is a software application that allows you to manage your sales, marketing, operations, etc., through your website. While selecting your ecommerce platform, you might have a list of the features to consider. The list includes UI/UX friendliness, SEO friendliness, security, scalability, tech support, etc. There are other considerable features like payment options and shipping options when talking about online sales and purchases.

It would help if you were definite about how you want it to look and function or how your customers want it to look or function, as you will have to mainly keep in view the experience of your customer on your platform. The customer experience has an impact more than you can ever imagine. It can make or break your entire business.

There is a comprehensive list of available ecommerce platforms. But keep in mind, almost all of them are paid platforms and will test your patience for sure. You should go through each one of them and compare their features, usability, and scalability.

Here, you will get the best option for an ecommerce platform, Dukan.pk. It is emerging at a breakneck pace. It keeps you away from the struggles and tensions that a business owner might have to face sell online, particularly important amidst COVID.

This article identifies the top 5 reasons that persuade users to use it.

1. Introduces you to the escrow payment option

Escrow payment has been introduced in Pakistan for the very first time by Dukan.pk. There is almost nothing that cannot be covered using escrow. Escrow service is purposed for reducing the risk of fraud by playing a trusted third-party role. An escrow is responsible for collecting the funds from the buyer, holding, and then disbursing them to the seller once both of them are satisfied. It works in the following steps:

  • Buyer and seller agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The details of the transaction are given to the escrow service.
  • The buyer sends payments to the escrow.
  • Escrow verifies the payment, holds it, and the seller is notified.
  • The seller ships the products to the buyer.
  • The buyer accepts the shipment.
  • Escrow releases payments to the seller once both parties are satisfied.

The usage of escrow services makes it easier to buy and sell online, mainly when they are located far from each other. This system offers a secure payment method in general.

2. Allows you to build a customized website

This feature of our platform will help you create your online existence. Dukan.pk allows you to create your personalized website in just 29 seconds! A business always needs a website to prove its credibility and authenticity. It usually takes a lot of energy and resources to build a website. You will have to hire a whole software development team to develop an ecommerce website for you.

But Dukan.pk lets you create an ecommerce website for your business entirely free of cost. It requires no coding skills, and no technical expertise whatsoever. You have to select from the given options. It lets you choose your desired theme and color. You can add the logo of your business. You can add pictures of your products and services along with the complete description. There is so much more to it that is waiting to be explored by you.

3. Allows you to use all its features free of cost

There are a couple of ecommerce services available for you to choose from as your online platforms. But as said earlier, they may drain all your energy and finances. Dukan.pk provides you with an online ecommerce platform that you can use to build your online presence free of any cost. You will not need to pay a single penny to set up your account, create your website, or run your business. There are no in-app purchases, like other ecommerce portals. There is no hidden door that will use your money or require your payment method to be opened. With zero investment, you are all set to go!

4. Allows you to sell anywhere at any time

Dukan.pk enables you to sell your products and services at any time using not only your website but any other platform that you might be using. For example, if you have a Facebook or Instagram page setup for your business, you can add a link to your store in the bio. The reach to your website can further be extended by adding a buy button to your blog, which will lead to your website with just a click. It will help open up many more opportunities for your business to expand. Since Dukan.pk is an online platform, your physical presence becomes irrelevant for your business to grow. You can sell anywhere from anywhere to anyone at any time

5. Provides a solution to all your problems

Small scale businesses usually struggle with operational challenges like integration of sales, keeping stock in check, managing the inventory, etc. The availability of all these functionalities in one place makes a huge difference for a business to not only sustain but also grow. Ecommerce platform, Dukan.pk, allows you to streamline all such operations, get insights into trends, get inventory forecasts, and so much more to help you make decisions regarding your business. With Dukan.pk, you can make your point of sale (POS) system worth it.